Marketing Consultation | Website Advice | SEO / PPC Audits | Campaign Plans

With over 16 years of experience in the field, I can consult on all areas of digital marketing strategy. From boosting your online presence and traffic, to optimising user experience / conversion, increasing your ROI, or offering advice on website changes.

Sometimes all that's needed is the opinion of a professional to help you make the right decisions for your business.

With all my experience and expertise at your disposal, my consultation sessions will steer you in the right direction, with personalised advice on the best path to take in order to achieve your business goals online.

Some examples of how I can advise your business:
  • Help defining your target audience and how best to reach and engage with them online.
  • Advice on launching a brand-new website - identifying a suitable build route and online marketing strategy.
  • Deciding on an eCommerce platform best suited to your business - allowing you to showcase / sell your products and accept payments online.
  • Help migrating your existing website from one platform or provider to another, whilst preserving traffic / search engine rankings.
  • Audits of your existing Paid Ads (PPC) / Organic Search (SEO) efforts - with bespoke performance recommendations.
  • Audits of your existing website - with bespoke technical, and user experience recommendations.
  • Help with planning a specific online marketing campaign idea or promotion.
  • Calculating Customer Lifetime Value and marketing ROI / ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

I can offer consultation services via Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams video call.

In-person consultations are also available (subject to COVID-19 restrictions).


Consultancy fees are charged at £350 per day pro rata - partially reimbursable upon contract agreement of a yearly digital marketing service retainer.

I can offer a free initial 30-minute phone consultation to prospective clients.

If you are looking for digital marketing advice from an expert who is highly experienced yet approachable and always happy to help, then get in touch today for your free initial phone consultation.

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