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Pay per click (PPC) advertising offers a more direct way to reach a specific audience faster and often more cost-effectively than with organic growth alone. As Google certified professionals we are fully qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google Ads.

Whether you operate a service business, or sell products online via an eCommerce store, paid advertising can bring a significant boost to your bottom-line in a relatively short time.

Unlike other digital marketing channels which require a lot of time to see results, paid ads and other paid media can be deployed quickly and reach a mass audience, or a highly targeted niche. PPC (Pay Per Click), as the name suggests, means you'll be paying Google for each click your ads receive. But this doesn't mean PPC needs to be expensive…

When setup and managed by a certified professional, your campaign can be extremely well targeted and maintained to ensure it's always working as effectively as possible and generating provable ROI.

We work very closely with our clients during the campaign planning phase to ensure the correct audience is defined before any ads are run. It's during this phase that we will also calculate your maximum CPA (Cost Per Aquisition) based on your AOV (Average Order Value) / CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), to gauge your ROI and ensure the long-term success of the campaign.

Once your campaign is live, it is continually optimised on a daily basis and KPIs are accurately measured – so you can rest assured you're never overpaying for wasted clicks that don't convert.

A minimum advertising budget of £400 per month is recommended for any campaign (plus management fees). Although in certain cases, depending on your niche, this can be less.

Ads can comprise of just text, such as the kind you've likely come across on a regular basis:

Others take the form of images in banner ad formats, which can be displayed on targeted websites all over the web:

Video Ads are also an increasingly popular option, such as the kind found on YouTube:

Paid Social Ads

Facebook Ads are another great alternative for some niches, or those with smaller budgets.

From initial planning and research, to ongoing bid / budget management and campaign optimisation. However you choose to advertise your brand and its products or services, our expertise will ensure you're doing it efficiently and professionally.

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